2024 Wristwatch Releases: Bonia Cristallo & Casio TRN-50

2024 Wristwatch Releases: Bonia Cristallo & Casio TRN-50

In a world where time is not just counted but cherished, the debut of fresh wristwatches from top-notch brands is a moment eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts and collectors alike.

In 2024, there has been no lack of impressive releases to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. From timeless favourites to the up-and-coming stars, the world of watches is full of excitement. So, let us jump right in and explore some of the standout pieces that have graced the market thus far.

Bonia BNB10812 Cristallo Collection

First on the list is the Bonia BNB10812 Cristallo Collection, a delightful blend of opulence and charm crafted to enhance day-to-night ensembles with sophistication and a fun appeal.

Driven by the precision of Japanese quartz movement, the Bonia BNB10812 showcases six distinct colour options, ensuring a perfect complement for every individual taste and style. Each timepiece radiates confidence and refinement, featuring a 32mm round-shaped case embellished with luxurious crystal stones.

Timed for the Raya season, the newest collection is stocked at Bonia Timepieces boutiques, Solar Time boutiques and selected fine watch retailers nationwide.

Casio TRN-50

This year, Casio celebrates 50 years of pioneering watchmaking since its debut in 1974 with the Casiotron, the world’s first digital watch featuring an automatic calendar. To honour this milestone, Casio has introduced the TRN-50, a modern tribute to the beloved Casiotron.

Retaining the timeless design of the original Casiotron QW02, the TRN-50 is a fully automatic wristwatch infused with Casio’s latest technological advancements refined over the last five decades. It includes modern conveniences such as radio-controlled time adjustment, solar charging capability and Mobile Link functions for seamless smartphone integration, catering to contemporary lifestyles.

Limited to just 4,000 pieces worldwide, each TRN-50 is part of a numbered series, offering exclusivity to its owners.