HMT Watches: A Timeless Tale of Resurgence with Varchas

HMT Watches: A Timeless Tale of Resurgence with Varchas

In the face of rumors suggesting the end of an era, HMT watches, a brand with a legacy spanning over 60 years, continues to beat the odds. The brand recently caught the eye of collectors and enthusiasts alike with the launch of its new Tiffany blue Varchas, a testament to its enduring appeal and innovation.

A Meeting Turned Showcase

Narayanan Hariharan’s experience at a meeting, where his Tiffany blue Varchas became the center of attention, highlights the unexpected resurgence of HMT watches. This latest addition to the HMT Stellar series, launched in June, has not only captivated watch aficionados but also sparked conversations about the brand’s ongoing relevance and appeal.

The Minds Behind Varchas

The Varchas collection is the brainchild of Abhinand Rao and Rakesh Murthy, two Bengaluru-based engineers and HMT enthusiasts. Their journey into the world of watch collecting led them to own about 120 watches, half of which are HMT timepieces. Their passion for HMT’s design and mechanics inspired them to contribute to the brand’s legacy by introducing a fresh and distinctive design.

A Tribute to a National Treasure

The closure of HMT Watches Ltd in 2016 led many to believe that HMT watches would no longer be available. However, the brand’s continuation in manufacturing and selling watches, coupled with efforts by enthusiasts like Rao and Murthy, has kept the spirit of HMT alive. Their initiative to design the Varchas, with its unique teal blue color, has not only paid homage to the brand but also introduced it to a new generation of admirers.

The Legacy of HMT

HMT’s journey began in 1953, playing a pivotal role in India’s industrial growth. The collaboration with Citizen Watches Co., Japan, in 1961, marked the beginning of HMT’s foray into timekeeping. Over the years, HMT watches have become cherished heirlooms, embodying the essence of Indian heritage and craftsmanship.

Why HMT Watches Endure

Despite the absence of modern features found in luxury or smartwatches, HMT watches hold a special place in the hearts of many. Their simplicity, reliability, and connection to India’s industrial and cultural history make them more than just timepieces; they are symbols of a proud legacy that continues to inspire and resonate with people across generations.

The story of HMT watches, particularly the launch of the Varchas collection, is a testament to the brand’s resilience and the affection it commands among watch enthusiasts. As HMT prepares to introduce more designs, the legacy of this iconic brand is set to tick on, proving that some stories, like time itself, are indeed timeless.