Ken Tucker: Crafting Swords from Recycled Materials

Ken Tucker: Crafting Swords from Recycled Materials

Ken Tucker, a Vancouver resident, has a unique hobby of shaping and creating swords from recycled materials. Working on his porch workshop, Tucker recycles old steel blades to craft his own swords. Recently, his craftsmanship caught the attention of many as he appeared on the History Channel’s “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death,” showcasing his skills.

Tucker’s fascination with swords dates back to his childhood, where his mother mentioned a family legend of a distant ancestor being a knight in King Arthur’s Court. This sparked his interest in swords, and he has been collecting them since he was a preteen. Over the years, Tucker decided to delve into sword making himself, purchasing a used blade for $10 and other materials for about $25.

One of his notable creations, named Thorn, was born out of his craftsmanship. Weighing about 2.5 pounds, Thorn made its national debut on the competition show “Forged in Fire: Knife or Death.” Despite not finishing first in his episode, Tucker was pleased with his performance and the durability of Thorn.

Elizabeth Tucker, Ken’s wife, shared insights into his personality, describing him as a “teddy bear” who enjoys spending time with their dogs. She accompanies him to flea markets and thrift stores, where her knowledge of weapons and creativity shine. Elizabeth’s interests in painting, needlepoint, and medieval weaponry complement Ken’s sword-making passion.

The couple’s shared love for video games and anime brought them together, as they met online in a “Star Wars” forum at a young age. Their bond over mutual interests and creative pursuits has strengthened their relationship, making them a dynamic duo in both crafting and leisure activities.