Nrdvana: A Unique Consignment Store for Gamers and Collectors

Nrdvana: A Unique Consignment Store for Gamers and Collectors

A new business named Nrdvana is set to offer gamers and collectors a unique way to sell their video games and collectibles on consignment. Scheduled to open on April 4, Nrdvana will be located in a retail center on 49th Street just west of Western Avenue.

“Basically, the premise of the business was that as a gamer I was sick and tired of getting a low percentage for trade-ins,” said Patrick Wilson, who owns the business with his wife, Carissa, and other family members. “I’d pay $60 for a game and get about 30 percent or less for what you paid. What I discovered was I’m not the only one sick of this problem.”

Patrick and Carissa Wilson, who attend SiouxperCon every year, always have a caricature drawn for their family portrait. Their new store will accept a wide range of merchandise including video games, DVDs, trading cards, comics, collectible statues and figurines, cellphones, and collectible currency.

Nrdvana’s consignment fees are structured to be competitive and are subject to change. The store will take a 40 percent cut on items that sell for under $100, 30 percent on items priced between $100 and $200, and 20 percent on items over $200. Additionally, there will be a 50-cent fee per item per month.

When the shop opens, it will initially be stocked with merchandise owned by family and friends, according to Wilson. Public consignments will begin being accepted starting April 4. Consigners have the option to be paid in cash or check, or they can opt for store credit.

“We also will provide a service that if you special request an item that we can acquire and if you have in-store credit to purchase that item, you will get it at cost,” Wilson added.

Carissa Wilson, a maker who owns Foxing Crafty, will also have her merchandise for sale in the store. She specializes in custom embroidered items such as blankets, pillows, and jackets.

The store, located at 2109 W. 49th St., will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.