Sword & Shield Precious Collector Box: Luxury Pokemon Merchandise

Sword & Shield Precious Collector Box: Luxury Pokemon Merchandise

You can say goodbye to Sword & Shield at the end of the year with luxury merchandise! The Sword & Shield Precious Collector Box has been revealed, featuring Pokemon Card Game merchandise with a luxurious design. Priced at 17,600 yen, this collector box comes with a special Pikachu promo card.

More official product images have been added, and this product will be available for pre-order. Shipping is set to begin in late December 2022. Orders will be accepted until the planned number is reached, with the possibility of rescheduling at a later date.

Pre-orders will be open at the Pokémon Center Online (Japan) in May, with delivery scheduled for late November or later. Orders will be closed once the planned number is reached, but may reopen with a new shipping date.

The collector box and merchandise are of high quality, with the first side-loading binder from Pokemon being introduced. The card display frame is reminiscent of high-quality frames produced by Japanese companies, costing over 3500 yen in Japan. The frame is made of thick acrylic and can hold sleeved cards, unlike the Pokemon Card Game Display Frames from the Pokemon Center Japan.

The special card binder is side-loading, featuring a magnetic closure lid and a soft interior lining. The Pikachu promo card and other merchandise feature Pokemon and characters inspired by strong cards that have seen success in competitive play during this generation of the TCG.

Pikachu is depicted surrounded by brave Pokémon, symbolizing the many battles that have taken place and are yet to come in the Pokemon world.

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