Top Tier Authentics: Exclusive College Football Memorabilia Collections

Top Tier Authentics: Exclusive College Football Memorabilia Collections

Top Tier Authentics (TTA) has unveiled an exclusive collection of officially licensed college football memorabilia just in time for the college bowl games. Available exclusively through Amazon Fanshop, these collections offer fans a unique opportunity to own limited-edition items from their favorite college teams. The initial launch features memorabilia from the University of Tennessee Volunteers, the University of Georgia Bulldogs, and the University of Michigan Wolverines.

Each collection includes highly coveted items such as Riddell Speedflex Helmets, home jerseys, signed footballs, posters, and more. All products are officially licensed and approved by their respective programs, ensuring authenticity and quality. The memorabilia is authenticated with a unique QR code that allows customers to view a video of the athlete signing the product, adding an extra layer of validation and engagement.

TTA has been a pioneer in the authentication space, constantly innovating to enhance consumer experience and product value. “We are excited to work with top universities from around the country to bring fans closer to their favorite college football teams and historic moments,” said TTA Co-Founder Andrew Rosen. Co-Founder Dima Azarenko added, “Our products immerse fans in an authentic and engaging way like never before. Our technology ensures that every signature is real and recorded.”

The collaboration between TTA and TCA member collectives Volunteer Club, Champions Circle, and Classic City Collective is setting a new standard in sports memorabilia. Mackenzie Mulvey, Vice President of Partnerships at The Volunteer Club Collective for the University of Tennessee, stated, “The focus on authenticity and fan engagement is transforming how we celebrate and remember the great players, teams, and moments in sports.”

Adding to the excitement, the first four customers to purchase and claim the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) of a limited-edition Riddell Speedflex Helmet, home jersey, and signed football from any team collection on the TTA Amazon Brand Store will receive two free tickets to the respective team’s first bowl game next year. This initiative combines the thrill of college football with TTA’s innovative technology, taking sports memorabilia to the next level.

Top Tier Authentics is revolutionizing the way companies and brands authenticate their products. By providing unique certificates of authenticity, TTA allows companies and creators to attach benefits, multimedia content, and immersive experiences directly into the physical product offering, enhancing the value and significance of each item. Visit TTA’s website for more information or to view the terms and conditions.