Vintage Apple Computers Auction: A Tech Enthusiast's Dream

Vintage Apple Computers Auction: A Tech Enthusiast’s Dream

A massive collection of vintage Apple computers is set to go to auction, sparking excitement among tech enthusiasts and collectors alike. The collection features a wide range of Apple products, including several rare and iconic models that have played significant roles in the history of computing.

The auction catalog has already drawn attention from various members of the tech community. Senior Technology Reporter Andrew Cunningham, who once used Mac OS 9 for a week, might find this auction particularly nostalgic. Managing Editor Eric Bangeman humorously suggested buying a Summagraphics “MacTablet” from lot #10 and making Creative Director Aurich Lawson use it instead of his Wacom tablet. In a playful twist, it was proposed that the creative director should choose an old computer for the managing editor to use, perhaps a Commodore 16.

One of the standout items in the auction is lot #15, an Apple II in a black case, known as the “Darth Vader Apple.” This model was made for Bell & Howell and targeted at educational institutions. Its unique color makes it a thousand times cooler than the standard beige Apple II, capturing the fascination of many collectors.

For those who might impulsively buy an Apple II or any other vintage model but are unsure what to do next, there are plenty of resources available. A 2015 piece titled “I pulled an Apple II Plus out of my parents’ attic. Now what?” offers a 191-comment thread filled with useful tips and ideas.

The auction also features numerous Apple II and Apple III variants, as well as a pair of Apple Lisas and some Lisa components that might interest retrotech enthusiasts like Jeremy Reimer. Lot #261, the Apple Macintosh Portable, comes with a slightly dirty carrying case and is sure to attract attention.

Another notable item is lot #342, a titanium PowerBook G4 with a starting bid of just $25. This model is a favorite among many Apple fans for its sleek design and durable build. Although running an early version of OS X on it might not be very practical, the TiBook remains a beloved form factor. If one had the means, they might even consider fitting modern laptop internals into its titanium and carbon-fiber body.

One of the rarest items in the collection is an Apple //c with the rare LCD screen, a model that came out in 1984. This item is sure to be a highlight for collectors looking for unique and historically significant pieces.

The auction of this extensive collection of vintage Apple computers offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to own a piece of computing history. Whether for nostalgia, collection, or curiosity, these iconic models continue to captivate and inspire, reflecting the enduring legacy of Apple in the tech world.