Alice Eduardo: From Construction Titan to Watch Connoisseur

Alice Eduardo: From Construction Titan to Watch Connoisseur

Alice Eduardo, the President and CEO of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, is not only a titan in the construction industry but also a connoisseur of fine timepieces. Known as the “Woman of Steel,” Eduardo’s success is intricately linked to her mastery of time, both in her professional and personal life. Her collection of watches is not just an assemblage of luxury items but a reflection of her journey, achievements, and the preciousness of time itself.

Eduardo’s approach to achieving a harmonious work-life balance is unique. Rather than compartmentalizing her roles as a business leader and a family person, she blends them together, creating a symbiotic relationship between her professional ambitions and her personal life. This balance fuels her success and allows her to invest quality time with her loved ones, reinforcing the value she places on time.

Her watch collection began with a Rolex Datejust, a staple among business leaders for decades. This piece marked the beginning of her journey into the world of luxury timepieces. Over the years, her collection has grown to include prestigious brands such as Patek Philippe, with the Nautilus and Aquanaut models, and Richard Mille, a brand she fell in love with at first sight. Eduardo’s collection is not just about the brands; it’s about the stories, milestones, and memories each piece represents.

The acquisition of her first Richard Mille watch, the RM-07, was a moment of revelation for Eduardo. Its lightweight and the brand’s philosophy of being a “racing machine on the wrist” resonated with her. Her collection of Richard Mille watches, including the RM-037 and RM-067, is a testament to her appreciation for innovation and craftsmanship in watchmaking. Furthermore, her friendship with Richard Mille himself adds a personal touch to her collection, highlighting the relationships and connections that form around the passion for horology.

Beyond Richard Mille, Eduardo’s collection features other iconic pieces such as the Rolex Daytona and Patek Philippe Aquanaut. Each watch in her collection is chosen for its aesthetic appeal, comfort, and the personal significance it holds. Eduardo believes in marking life’s milestones with watches, a practice that imbues her collection with deep personal meaning and serves as a reminder of her achievements and the importance of time.

Alice Eduardo’s watch collection is more than just an array of high-end timepieces; it is a reflection of her life’s philosophy. It underscores the importance of time – not just in terms of hours and minutes but in the moments we choose to create and the memories we hold dear. Her approach to collecting watches, focusing on personal significance and the celebration of milestones, offers valuable lessons on appreciating time and the role it plays in our lives.

In essence, Eduardo’s mastery over time and her exquisite watch collection serve as inspirations. They remind us that time is the ultimate luxury and that how we choose to spend it defines our lives. As a successful businesswoman and a devoted family person, Alice Eduardo exemplifies that with hard work, passion, and an appreciation for time, no dream is too grand, and no goal is unattainable.