Bangalore Watch Company's Apogee Collection: A Tribute to India's Space Program

Bangalore Watch Company’s Apogee Collection: A Tribute to India’s Space Program

In a world where space exploration and achievements have long captured the imagination of millions, the Bangalore Watch Company has taken a significant leap by launching its Apogee collection. This new line of watches is not just a testament to the craft of horology but also a tribute to India’s space program, which has been making headlines for its remarkable feats over the past decade.

Nirupesh Joshi, the co-founder of the Bangalore Watch Company, shares that the inspiration behind the Apogee collection stems from a childhood filled with awe at the advancements of the Indian space program. From the early satellite launches to the more recent lunar and Martian missions, these celestial endeavors have fueled the creativity behind this unique collection.

Space-themed watches are not a new concept in the world of horology, with brands like Omega creating pieces in association with NASA. However, the Apogee collection stands out as the first from an Indian brand to celebrate the country’s space achievements. The collection features four variants, each boasting a case machined from a single block of titanium, a Swiss-made automatic movement, and a 3D artwork of the Aryabhata satellite on the caseback. The watches are hand-assembled in Bengaluru, with a design that nods to the retro ‘helmet’ style popular in the 1960s and 70s.

The dials of the Apogee watches come in blue, green, and grey, each color inspired by the vastness of space. Additionally, there is a limited-edition ‘Extraterrestrial’ variant, with only 50 pieces available, featuring a dial made from meteorite. Joshi explains the meticulous process of sourcing these meteorites, which involves collaboration with meteorite hunters in the USA and precision cutting and grading in Switzerland before the final assembly in India.

The movements used in the Apogee watches are manufactured by Sellita, a renowned Swiss manufacturer, ensuring reliability and precision. Despite their high-quality components, the watches are regulated to factory-recommended accuracy settings without further modifications, highlighting the brand’s commitment to excellence.

The launch of the Apogee collection on August 15 was symbolic, aligning with India’s Independence Day and underscoring the inspiration drawn from ISRO’s achievements. Joshi reflects on how ISRO’s ability to execute large-scale projects with limited resources while maintaining a focused vision resonates with the philosophy behind the Apogee collection.

The Bangalore Watch Company’s venture into space-themed watches with the Apogee collection is a fitting homage to India’s space program. It not only celebrates the country’s technological advancements but also offers watch enthusiasts and space aficionados alike a piece of history to adorn their wrists.