HardRock Summit 2021: Unveiling Gems, Jewelry, Minerals, and Fossils

HardRock Summit 2021: Unveiling Gems, Jewelry, Minerals, and Fossils

The HardRock Summit 2021 in Denver is set to be a groundbreaking event for the gem, jewelry, mineral, and fossil industries. With a full schedule of educational programming and special exhibit presentations, this trade show aims to bring together professionals and enthusiasts alike for a unique experience.

The event will be held in two key venues: “Evolution” at the Colorado Convention Center, focusing on minerals and fossils from September 16 to 19, and “Sparkle & Joy” at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, showcasing fine gemstones and jewelry from September 18 to 21. Visitors can easily move between the two venues with a complimentary shuttle service on the overlap days.

One of the highlights of the HardRock Summit will be the unprecedented special exhibits featuring world-famous specimens from various museums and collectors. Among these exhibits is the reunion of the Alma King, Alma Queen, and Alma Rose – three of the world’s best Rhodochrosite crystals. These specimens will also be honored as “Honorary Citizens” by the city of Alma, Colorado.

Another notable exhibit is the Hamlin Necklace, on loan from the Mineralogical and Geological Museum at Harvard University. This necklace, designed in the late 19th Century, features 18 removable pendants with gems primarily from Mount Mica, totaling 70 gemstones with a carat weight of 228.12 carats.

Additionally, visitors can marvel at Katherine’s Necklace, also known as Colorado Fire, designed by Kimberly Knox. This stunning piece features a center stone of 14.06 carats and a total of 7 stones set in 18 karat gold.

Other exhibits include the Rainbow of 120 Trilliants, a selection of colorful trilliant-cut gemstones, and a Large Topaz Crystal weighing close to 250 pounds, on loan from Private Collector Dr. Gene Meieran.

Aside from the special exhibits, the HardRock Summit will also feature enriching educational panels and expert-led discussions on various topics. From Colorado Fossils to Fluorites, industry leaders will share their knowledge with attendees.

One of the panel discussions, “The Earth and Stars,” will feature experts discussing topics such as the geology of the solar system, minerals in geologic history, and reshaping the Earth’s surface. Another panel, “Rhodochrosite – Colorado’s State Mineral,” will delve into the significance of this mineral with insights from prominent figures in the industry.

The HardRock Summit promises to be a one-of-a-kind event that brings together the best in the gem, jewelry, mineral, and fossil industries. With its special exhibits, educational programming, and expert-led discussions, this trade show in Denver is not to be missed.