K.C. Rajendran: A Radio Collector's Journey

K.C. Rajendran: A Radio Collector’s Journey

K.C. Rajendran’s journey into the world of radio collecting started at a tender age of eight in Chembukkavu, near Thrissur. His initial fascination with music led him to persuade his father to buy him a second-hand Philips radio for ₹15, marking the beginning of what would become a lifelong passion. Over the years, Rajendran’s hobby of collecting radios transformed into a significant part of his life, dedicating a considerable portion of his earnings to expand his collection.

Now, at the age of 53, Rajendran boasts a personal museum within his home, housing an impressive collection of 310 radios. These range from bulky, antique models to sleek, modern designs, showcasing the evolution of radio technology over the decades. Rajendran’s collection is predominantly made up of second-hand radios, salvaged from electronic shops and scrap collection centers. Despite having no formal training in electronics, he has managed to repair most of these radios himself, breathing new life into devices that were once considered obsolete.

The collection features radios from over 40 different manufacturers, with Philips leading the pack with 57 models. Other notable brands such as Murphy, Sanyo, Hitachi, Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic are also represented, highlighting the diversity and global reach of his collection. Some radios in his collection are as small as a matchbox, while others weigh as much as 20 kilograms, illustrating the vast range of sizes and designs that have been produced over the years.

Radios have become an integral part of Rajendran’s daily routine, accompanying him from the moment he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep. His dedication to collecting and preserving these historical pieces not only showcases his passion for radios but also serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of radio technology, even in an age dominated by digital media.

Rajendran’s unique hobby has transformed his home into a sanctuary for radio enthusiasts and historians alike, offering a tangible connection to the past and a reminder of the role that radios have played in shaping our social and cultural history. His collection stands as a tribute to the innovation and creativity of radio manufacturers and a source of inspiration for future generations who may one day discover their own passion for collecting.