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Rare Find: New-in-Box Apple II Sold on eBay

Sold on eBay: New-in-box Apple II, never opened

A rare find for Apple enthusiasts, a new-in-box Apple II computer was recently sold on eBay. The computer, which was never opened, is a piece of history that showcases the early days of personal computing.

The Apple II was first introduced in 1977 and quickly became a popular choice for home computing. It featured a built-in keyboard, color graphics, and expansion slots, making it a versatile machine for its time.

The auction listing for the new-in-box Apple II described it as being in “pristine condition” and included all of the original packaging and documentation. The seller, who had owned the computer since it was purchased, decided to part ways with it and put it up for auction.

The auction attracted a lot of attention from collectors and Apple enthusiasts, resulting in a final sale price of $10,000. This high price reflects the rarity and desirability of a new-in-box Apple II, especially one that has never been opened.

While it may seem unusual to keep a computer in its original packaging for over four decades, it is not uncommon for collectors to preserve vintage electronics in this way. The untouched nature of the Apple II adds to its appeal and makes it a unique piece of technology history.

With the sale of this new-in-box Apple II, it serves as a reminder of how far technology has come since its introduction. The Apple II was a groundbreaking device at the time, but today’s computers are significantly more powerful and advanced.

However, for those who appreciate the nostalgia and historical significance of early computers, owning a piece like the new-in-box Apple II is a way to connect with the past and preserve a piece of computing history.